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Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast - Live Even


Catch the SYMHC podcast hosts in a live performance as they share stories of history’s overlooked and little-known events and people.

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Stuff You Missed in History Class is a twice-a-week history podcast with new episodes every Monday and Wednesday, plus a bonus classic from the archive every Saturday. The show is hosted by Holy Frey and Tracy V. Wilson, two ladies who learned to love history as they realized just how much the modern world was shaped by lesser-known people and events in the past. The podcast digs into topics that haven’t gotten enough attention in the world of history – whether they’re weird, wonderful, scary or sad. Favorite episodes include everything from the decades-long dispute between butter and margarine, to a pair of lions that terrorized a railroad crew in Kenya, to the only successful coup d’état in American history. Stuff You Missed in History Class is available at and at Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and wherever else you get podcasts.


Host Bios: 

Tracy’s love of history started to grow in college, with four required humanities courses that gave her a more holistic way to approach the past and how it affects the present. Tracy spends her downtime much like she spends her time at work: reading, writing, tinkering and brooking only the most delightful nonsense.

Holly Frey is cohost of Stuff You Missed in History Class, and she's also an executive producer for the HowStuffWorks podcast network. When she’s not obsessing over comma placement or talking about the past, she’s sewing, running, watching television, visiting a Disney park, rescuing animals, going to the movies, traipsing around town in a ridiculous costume or obsessing over delicious food.


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